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Motherhood is such a busy time, caring for baby while juggling all of your other daily duties and responsibilities. Day by day, you find a new need crops up for a particular baby accessory or product to help care for baby, keep them safe and comfortable or help make your life a little easier. That’s where Bambella Designs come in. We were born to make it easy and accessible for mums across Australia to access a large range of quality newborn baby accessories online. + Read More

Time is of the essence for mums of little ones, especially newborns. When you find yourself needing a certain product, the ability to log onto Bambella Designs, browse and buy from a large collection of newborn baby accessories, without leaving your home, can save so much time and hassle.

Our product range is focused on particular solutions which make day-to-day travel in a pram, stroller, trolley or car seat a whole lot easier, changing time a lesser hassle and baby’s rest in a cot or bassinet much more comfortable. After all, trying to get around with baby, changing their nappy and clothes or ensuring they get the best nap or sleep are among the most frequent and difficult challenges faced by a new mum.

With Bambella Designs, you have a consistent helping hand ready to provide you with the best accessories and solutions to help you navigate the difficulties of motherhood and focus your time on bonding with baby.

Explore Our Range of Baby Accessories

Since our launch in 2012, the Bambella Designs collection has grown significantly, and our online store has become a go-to haven for baby accessories Australia wide. Today, we have hundreds of products for you to choose from, all of which are our own branded and designed solutions. Some of our bestselling product ranges include:

Pram Accessories

Our first line of accessories – our pram accessories – has been a huge hit and our key driver of success. We launched initially with a selection of contemporary pram lines which were both stylish and functional to truly meet parent and baby’s needs.

Now, not only do we offer a vast array of different pram and stroller accessories, but our pram accessories range has extended to include lots of other great solutions to keep baby, safe, comfortable and happy and make your life a lot easier. These include pram blankets, harness covers, bar covers and pram bassinet mattress protectors.

Nursery Linen

While Bambella Designs was initially conceived to provide great products to keep baby comfortable while on the go and out and about, we soon turned our attention to developing solutions for other critical activities such as play, rest and changing time. That’s where our excellent range of nursery linen comes in.

When you are seeking great nursery products from an Australian company, with lots of contemporary designs and functional benefits, the Bambella Designs online store should be your first port of call. We provide everything from cot blankets and play mats to waterproof change mat covers (a godsend!) and change mat cushions to even baby mattress protectors and cot sheets.

Car Seat Accessories

Driving with baby in tow is a necessity for mums to go about their day-to-day. Here at Bambella Designs, we wanted to help mums keep baby safe and comfortable in the car. No matter how long or short the journey. To help, we have designed a fantastic collection of car seat accessories including infant head supports, car seat protectors, harness covers and capsule inserts to ensure any journey is a stress-free success.

Shop Baby Accessories Online With Bambella Designs 

The above highlights a mere snippet of the product ranges we have to offer through our online store – and we are consistently adding new products too! Bambella Designs is passionate about continuously innovating our designs to provide more and more solutions to help new mums to spoil and care for their baby.

Shop online to explore our many great products and enjoy affordable pricing and fast shipping across Australia too!

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