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Find the Softest Cotton Baby Blankets in Australia at Bambella!

With thousands of different brands and accessories, it can at times seem impossible to make the right choice or know what brands to trust. That’s why we’re glad you’re here! As mom’s ourselves, we understand the struggle, and we’ve dedicated ourselves and our company to creating the very best cotton baby blankets available for you, and your little one.

Why A Baby Blanket is Sill The Must-Have Baby Accessory!

While advances in technology and new studies in child rearing can be extremely helpful for navigating the muddy waters of motherhood, they also have a habit of convincing us that we need to buy a hundred different things to be good parents. That’s simply not the case.

Here at Bambella, we focus on the essentials and aim to give them a fun twist. The best advice we can give is that the most versatile item in your baby arsenal is a baby blanket so if you buy almost nothing else - buy a baby blanket!

There are many different types of blankets (receiving, swaddling, crib etc.,) but they all can be used for a multitude of different things. From providing a buffer on unfamiliar surfaces to catching spit-up and drool, you’re going to want more than a couple of these bad boys.

Keep in mind though, not only is the size and function important but, familiar and comfortable items will begin to hold a lot of significance for your baby.

What Makes Our Cotton Baby Blankets Special?

Knowing exactly how much of a staple baby blankets are going to be for you and your little one, we design ours to be soft, durable and stylish. Besides being made from 100% soft cotton with a minky plush backing, they are also machine washable and 100% handmade. We hold our manufacturers to a strict level of quality and safety standards, and this is reflected in all of our products.

Our company was born out of a need to make things more fun for children, and a lot less stressful for parents. Our founder Jasmine was inspired to find a solution to a disappointing lacking in the market, and in doing so created an incredible collection of pram liners, play mats, baby blankets and more products that offer practical, stylish, protection from dribbling babies, potty training kids and snacking toddlers.

As the company has grown, so has our product line but the goal remains the same - practical baby products that save parents time and look beautiful!


Some answers to frequently asked questions we get about our products:

  • Yes, our products are a universal fit!
  • Yes, our products are machine washable! Most of our products like our baby floor mats and cot mattress protectors are all machine washable, so you can wash all your accessories together.
  • Orders are processed in 2-3 business days and typically arrive in under two weeks.
  • In the rare case that something is wrong with your item, we will refund or replace it as long as the item is returned within 7 days.

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