Best Baby Diaper Changing Pad Australia

One of the most fun parts about your pregnancy is the time when you get to redo the nursery.  Babies are extremely delicate and hard to care for.  The right type of tools in your nursery can make it a lot easier for you to give your little one the care he or she needs and makes it much easier for you to keep everything clean and hygienic.

One accessory you should definitely include in your nursery is a diaper changing pad.  These changing areas ease the process of cleaning up after your little and also makes your little one feel a lot more comfortable during this uncomfortable task. + Read More

Buy a Baby Changing Pad from Bambella Designs

At Bambella Designs you can buy the best baby changing pad to be found in Australia.  We sell a wide range of beautiful changing pads in different colours to choose from and can get these fine quality items delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia.

Why Do You Need A Baby Diaper Changing Pad?

It is entirely possible to change your little one’s diaper on just about any surface.  But these padded changing pads just make diaper duties a lot easier for all the following reasons;

Reduce crying - Changing time isn’t always too pleasant for your little one.  They often scream, fuss and cry.  Our changing pads are nice and soft and will reduce crying during changing because your baby will feel nice and cosy.

Easy to clean - It is so important to change your baby on a clean surface.  They still have extremely delicate skins and can catch infections easily.  Our changing pads are made of cold pressed foam and have a soft waterproof cover that keeps the inside clean.  You can remove the changing pad cover and wash it in a machine in order to keep it nice and clean.  This will enable you to change your baby on a clean and hygienic surface at all times.

No chill - Plastic or wipe clean changing pad covers aren’t the best for tiny babies because these surfaces are always cold and cause your little one to startle when you lay him or her down.  Those plastics also have a tendency to stick to your little one’s skin.  Our changing pads have a soft 100% cotton cover that feels much better, and that won’t startle your little one.

Keeps your baby safe - Our changing mats reduces the chances of your baby rolling over and falling thanks to raised sides that keep your baby on his or her back.

Lightweight - These changing mats are extremely light which makes it easy to move your pad wherever you may need to use it.

Useful for all sorts of purposes - You can use your baby change pad in Australia for all sorts of tasks.  Use your pad for dressing up, for applying lotions or massaging your baby or to simply enjoy quality play time with mommy.

Buy the Best Baby Change Table Pad Online

You can buy our changing pads directly from our website.  We sell a wide range of different colours that are perfect for your baby nursery, and we also stock up on changing mat covers that you can buy so you will have an extra clean cover to use for your little one. 

Both mom and baby will love the functionality of these gorgeous change pads.  Buy yours right now so you can give your baby the best possible care. Make sure to buy a changing mat so that you're ready when the baby comes and a crib mattress protector to make sure no accidents happen in the bed!

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