Best Baby Floor Mat Australia

Playtime is when our little ones get a chance to explore the world, work on their gross motor skills and strengthen muscles for crawling, walking and eventually growing into strong, healthy little people.

While they’re growing, it is immensely important they are provided with soft, safe, stimulating spaces to develop perception and foster sensory development. That’s why we design our baby floor mats for crawling to be perfect additions to your playroom!

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Looking for the best selection of baby floor mats in Australia?

If yes, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Bambella Designs; we have the largest selection of the best baby floor mats in Australia! We know that playtime is incredibly important when it comes to the growth and development of your little one, and here at Bambella Designs, we focus on functionality, style and practicality to ensure you only have the best for your baby.

Who are the creators behind these baby floor mats?

We’re moms! Our entire company is owned and operated by Aussie mummies and while we have had to outsource manufacturing in the last couple of years, we hold our partners and manufacturers to the highest quality and safety standards. Each and every one of our products is handcrafted with durable, non-toxic materials.

Safety and quality is always our highest priority. As a mother of two, our founder realised that there really wasn’t much selection available to moms when it came to beautiful, quality, playroom accessories.

Knowing there must be other mothers out there like her she decided to create Bambella Designs and, just a few years later, we have countless satisfied customers from happy parents with happy babies! Our goal is to make practical, high-quality baby products that save parents time and headache, while still looking amazing!

What makes our baby floor mats the best?

Simply put, our floor mats are specifically designed to help stimulate the mental and physical growth of toddlers. Letting babies play on the floor or carpet is fine, but those surfaces can be hard on their skin and little joints.

Having a safe, soft, dedicated space for your baby to play is always best. Think about how much nicer it would be for your baby to start crawling on a baby floor mat, versus hardwood or a rough carpet!

Also, our mats are so versatile and easy to transport so you can ensure your little one is soothed and entertained anywhere you go. From attending appointments to visiting relatives and friends, you’ll be shocked at how helpful having a playmat with you on the go can be.

What makes Bambella Designs different?

Our commitment to quality cannot be overstated; we don’t use cotton wadding for internal padding because it would not hold up to general use and washing, meaning that our products last longer, and stay looking better longer. As for washing, we know that, in this day and age, having machine washable products (especially for busy moms!) is incredibly important which is why almost all of our products are machine washable and come with care instructions. Our beautiful patterns on our floor mats also come in other matching products such as pram liners and baby mattress protectors so you can have unified decor design in your baby room.

I’m ready to order the best baby floor mats in Australia!

Welcome to the Bambella Designs family; we can’t wait for you to receive your first order! For any questions about our floor mats, stroller accessories or baby wear, please call us at 0430 202 222, or send us an email at

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Play Mat - Arrow Grey


Play Mat - Cross Black


Play Mat - Bear


Play Mat - Blue Flower


Play Mat - Grey Feathers


Play Mat - Navy Constellation


Play Mat - Pink Flower


Play Mat - Unicorn


Play Mat - Black Flower


Play Mat - Grey Dreamcatchers


Play Mat - Pink Dreamcatchers


Play Mat - XO Black