The Best Breathable Baby Mattress Protector

Our primary objective at Bambella Designs is to create practical everyday baby products that save parents time and that look extraordinary too. While your baby’s safety and comfort is at the very core of all of our products, we are also incredibly proud of the variety of high-quality designs, textures and the contemporary style of our accessories that make being a parent as fashionable as it is wonderful.

One of the most expensive additions to the nursery, when you start out, is the crib mattress and as parents ourselves, we know how easily they can get dirty. Mattresses protectors are an essential everyday accessory for your nursery that will give your mattress a much longer lifespan. + Read More

Why Do You Need a Baby Mattress Protector?

There are a number of benefits to buying a mattress protector for your baby’s crib, bed or bassinet:

  • Protection from spills and accidents
  • Longer mattress lifespan
  • Extra comfort for your baby
  • Prevents allergens, dust mite and mould
  • Temperature regulation
  • Time-saving

At Bambella Designs We Have the Best Baby Mattress Protector

Our staff is made up of passionate, protective parents that know all about the joys and trials of early parenthood and you can rest assured that we only sell products that we would never hesitate to use with our own babies. All of our baby nests and changing pad covers are handmade with love and pass rigorous quality checks to ensure they are up to our very lofty standards.

Here’s why we love using our baby mattress protectors in our own homes:

Waterproof backing

All of our baby mattress protectors come with waterproof backing, which means that they protect your mattress against stains and moisture. Babies are notorious for spilling; whether that’s their own little accidents or food and milk and these liquids can seep into your mattress and cause all sorts of problems. The waterproof backing ensures that none of these spills reach the mattress and as such will help to extend the lifespan of your mattress significantly.

100% cotton front

We love using natural fabrics at Bambella Designs, and cotton is simply one of our favourite. Our mattress protectors offer your baby extra levels of comfort with a soft cotton front. The breathable qualities of cotton also help your baby’s temperature control and will help keep them warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Machine washable

If you’ve ever tried to wash a mattress, then you know that it’s no easy feat! All of our baby mattress protectors are machine washable and will save you heaps of time.

A variety of styles

Mattress protectors don’t have to be purely practical or bland; our range of protectors come in a wonderful range of designs, patterns, colours and other contemporary quirks that light up the nursery and that babies will simply love.

These are just some of the reasons why our baby mattress protectors are some of the best selling products at Bambella Designs. If you’d like to know more about them or about any of our wonderful nursery products, then simply get in touch and we’ll more than happily help you out. 

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