Newborn Baby Sleep Nest Bed Australia

Baby sleep nests are typically used for newborns up until they are about 6 months of age, and the size can be adjusted by tightening the laces (which should always be at the baby’s feet). The soft sides also give the advantage of allowing for breastfeeding or even just being able to maintain eye contact and maximise on bonding time with your little one. + Read More

What is a Baby Nest?

Baby nest beds in Australia are great for co-sleeping or for when your baby is sleeping in the cot, cradle or the pram! A baby nest is essentially a mattress with high, soft edges that offers a narrow sleeping area, just like in the womb. It also fits well in cots and prams so that they don’t feel so big while your baby is still growing into them.

The four carry straps allow for easy movement of your baby even when sleeping and the wooden piece at the bottom provides extra security and firmness, which is something other companies don’t tend to offer with their baby nests! We also designed our baby nest bed to be easy to wash, and its hidden YKK zippers make it easy to remove the cover and the filling!

Looking for a sleep nest in Australia for your newborn baby?

Look no further! Welcome to Bambella Designs; we’re an Australian owned and operated company that creates fun and functional baby products to make life easier for parents and more fun for kids! Our founder is a proud mother of two and knows how important it is to have the best quality, safest products for your baby.

All of our products are made with the highest quality fabrics, as well as being handmade and manufactured with health and safety practices as our highest priority. As our company and product line expand, our main focus is the same as it’s always been – creating  stylish and practical baby nests in Australia for mums and their new babies.

5 Huge Benefits of Using a Newborn Baby Nest

  1. Made with 100% organic cotton, our newborn baby nests simulate the secure, safe and cosy feeling of the womb.
  2. These sleep nests are a breeze for travelling. They keep your baby warm and safe in any environment and provide the same soothing security of what they’re used to sleeping in at home.
  3. As our sleep nests are adjustable, they will benefit you and your baby for a longer period of time than most other nursery fads!
  4. It’s an incredible transitional tool! Both from transitioning from the womb to the big wide world, and from transitioning to sleeping in their own cribs, the baby nest will give you way fewer sleepless night, because your baby will have less sleepless nights!
  5. Familiarity - as your baby is growing they will find comfort in the familiar and having something that can go from the bed, to the cot, to the pram, to virtually anywhere will be very helpful for soothing your little one!

We’ve got the best baby nest for sale in Australia!

To order your baby nest online today, just browse through the options available and add your favourite to the cart. Our Baby Nests are covers are machine washable alongside our baby activity mats and our baby shopping cart covers making cleaning your baby linen a breeze. Have a question? Feel free to call us at 0430 202 222 or email us at

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