Waterproof Bassinet Protectors: 2-in-1 Sheet & Mattress Protector

Babies and toddlers spend much of their days and nights sleeping when they aren’t busy stealing our hearts with their cute antics. It’s incredibly important that you have a high-quality bassinet for your baby, as well as a comfortable and secure mattress and other accessories, which includes a handmade bassinet mattress protector. + Read More

Waterproof Bassinet Mattress Protector

At Bambella Designs, our waterproof mattress protectors add an extra layer of sublime comfort and cover the mattress to protect your little one from messes and moisture and ensure a longer lasting mattress. This means that your bassinet mattress will easily evolve into a toddler mattress when the time comes.

Why Does Your Baby Need a Bassinet Mattress Protector?

A baby bassinet mattress protector is one of the most essential items in your nursery and here’s why:


Mattresses that babies use tend to get dirty quite quickly, and that’s because of the little accidents that happen throughout the night and the food and milk that they somehow manage to get everywhere. Your bassinet protector will ensure that none of these little leaks seep through onto the mattress and get into the fibre. It keeps stains and liquids off your mattress and makes a more sanitary and hygienic place for your baby to take their naps.


As parents, we all know that babies and toddlers have the ability to be a lot messier than we give them credit for. All of our oval bassinet mattress protectors at Bambella Designs are easy to wipe down and machine washable for convenient and time-friendly cleaning. This means that you can quickly wash and dry your mattress while your little one is awake and by the time they are ready to sleep again, it will be good as new.

Prevents bacteria, dust mites and mould

Your baby’s safety is our number one priority, and that’s why we absolutely love our range of bassinet waterproof mattress protectors. They are made from 100% cotton front that is soft, breathable and waterproof. This means that your mattress doesn’t get soaked in spills and mishaps and makes it a much safer spot for your baby to sleep, free from bacteria, dust mites and mould.

Better sleep

Technology can be a wonderful thing and that is especially true when it comes to the comfort of our bassinet mattresses and crib mattress protectors. Fabrics are now able to control temperatures and are super soft to ensure that your baby has a safe and really comfortable sleep throughout the night. They provide a cleaner, safer and fresher spot for your baby.


One of the best things about our 100% cotton waterproof bassinet mattress protectors is that they can be used for both nighttime sleep, as well as a day out. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and can be taken with when you go visit friends, family or simply take a little stroll to the park.

These are just some of the reasons why getting a mattress protector for your baby is super important. The added advantages of buying from Bambella Designs is that they are handmade, quirky, contemporary and incredibly comfortable.

Please feel free to give us a shout if you need any more help on choosing the perfect bassinet mattress protector for your baby.

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