Baby Change Table Mat Covers

Author: By Bambella Design  

As any new parent will know, shopping for baby products isn’t always as easy or fun as it looks in the Hollywood blockbusters. There’s either too many options, too few colours to choose from or it’s simply too expensive for your budget, and you find yourself settling for a product you’re not 100% happy with.   

At Bambella Designs, we offer premium quality, handcrafted baby change table mat covers that you’ll love just as much as your little one! Wanting to correct the mistakes of many other baby brands on the market that have failed to effectively incorporate comfort, style and safety into their designs; our unique baby change table mat covers will keep your little one happy and your mind at ease. Using exclusive designer fabrics and top of the range materials, we’ve managed to successfully create a baby change tablemat that is not only stylish in appearance, but also durable and safe for your little one. So, how have we done it?




From pastel pink print right through to bold funky blue patterns, Bambella Designs have created a way for you to change your little ones nappy in style.

Our customised and undeniably adorable change table mat covers are specially designed to suit the individual character of you and your little one. Our unique selection of exclusive fabric allows you to personalise your baby’s nursery, while still remaining consistent with your personal style and home décor, as we understand that every parent and baby is unique.

Whether you’re after something floral and feminine or deep tones and abstract patterns, we’ve carefully considered and designed each of our exclusive prints to ensure you’re getting something that adds a stylish touch to your nursery and that will be a memorable item you’ll treasure as your little one grows up. Our unique baby change table mat covers are sure to add a dash of colour to your nursery, so why not head over to our website to check out our beautiful range of fabrics!  


Safety & Comfort


Gone are the days of plain patterned and hard textured baby change table mats designed purely for practicality, as our unique design now encompasses it all. While incorporating style and practicality, Bambella Designs baby change table mat covers put comfort and safety above all else. Featuring 100% breathable, ultra-soft cotton, our change table mat covers have been designed to put your baby’s comfort first.


Unlike standard hard ‘wipe-clean’ surface change tables that have been designed purely for ease and convenience, Bambella Designs change table mat covers have been crafted to ensure the protection of even the most delicate and sensitive skin. While hard surface tables may irritate the skin, we understand that comfort is a necessity in the formative years of any growing child. In fact, did you know that your baby may have his or her nappy changed roughly 4,500 times before potty training is even attempted?


While nappy changing becomes a routine part of any new parents day, it’s easy to forget just how often our little ones are exposed to cold and hard surfaces while having their nappy changed, if not given the right comfort or safety. At Bambella Designs, our baby change table mat covers will ensure your little one is warm during the winter months and comfortable all year round. With a huge selection of unique prints and accessories to choose from, be sure to check out the rest of our collection. From customised pram and trolley liners to stylish car insert seats and pee pads, Bambella Designs is your one stop shop for all quality handmade baby items and accessories. 

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