Five practical ways to deal with exhaustion

Author: Jasmine Vanstone   Date Posted:23 April 2017 

One thing all parents can relate to is exhaustion. Sleep deprivation, no time for yourself, juggling half a dozen roles at the same time can result in physical, emotional and mental exhaustion.

When you feel this way, your ability to function and deal with even the smallest of things can be difficult. So how do you cope? Here are five practical ways you can deal with exhaustion.

1. Ask for help

While it is tempting to tough it out, the truth is you need to ask for help when you are exhausted. Contrary to what many believe asking for help is not a sign of ‘failure’ it means that you are prioritising what is most important - your family and your health. You can’t possibly do everything you used to before you had a little human demanding all of your attention. Getting someone to help with the housework, shopping, or looking after bub while you sneak in a nap or have some time to recharge is essential for your own self-care.

2. Take a break

When you are exhausted and sleep deprived it's important not to push yourself; the housework can wait! If your baby is napping or having some safe playtime in their play pen take some time to rest or relax. Even a 20-minute nap can invigorate you and help you feel physically and mentally rested. So forget the dishes and folding for a while and give yourself permission to recover.

3. Invest in a baby rocker

If you are finding your baby is hard to settle or put down a baby rocker can be a sanity saver! With mobiles, movement and music, it can be an excellent way to keep your baby happy, settled and safely contained while you take some time out.

4. Move it

Research has shown that exercise can help elevate your mood and energy levels. It can be as intensive or non-intensive as you like from a simple walk or run with the pram, to bike riding, swimming, taking up a sport or going to the gym depending on what you like and enjoy.

5. Eat regularly

When life gets busy, and you are tired beyond comprehension, it’s easy to take shortcuts with your own meals or reach for the sugar! But not eating well or regularly will only deplete your energy more. Make sure you have some quick, easy and healthy snacks ready for when you need them. An apple is a great snack that will give you the same pick-me-up as a coffee without the caffeine hit.

How do you deal with exhaustion?

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