Mums, Line Your Baby’s Pram with Love!

Author: Bambella   Date Posted:8 June 2021 

Let's face it; if you've got a baby, you've got to have a pram. There's just no avoiding it unless you plan to stay at home until your baby goes to school. Yeah, we didn't think so.

Remember when your pram was shiny and new and fresh out of the box? You couldn't wait to stroll your little sweetheart to the park or take a turn around your suburb. You dreamed of afternoon outings with your angelic and content baby sleeping peacefully in their pram.

Well, it may start that way, but over time, much like motherhood, things change.

Let's not sugarcoat this. As your baby grows, your pram will take a beating. It will require constant cleaning and get less comfortable for baby as the lining wears, and the padding loses its support, not to mention those not so little accidents babies have. Talk about the Princess and the pee... or even poo!

Yep, face it, mum, it's going to happen and most likely when you least expect it.

If you want to keep that fresh-out-of-the-box love for your new pram or refresh an old one, allow us to introduce you to Bambella.

Motherhood is challenging enough. That's why we want to make your life easier so you can enjoy taking your baby for a stroll without worrying about minor spills or big accidents anymore.

Bambella began after the founder, Jasmine, witnessed a child having a meltdown over being put in their pram. Could it be because the pram was uncomfortable or had lost its lustre as a mode of transportation? Whatever the reason, she was inspired to find a solution that would entice a child to go for a stroll and alleviate stress on the mum at the same time. After all, who wants to start a pleasant stroll with their baby in tears? What a mood killer!

Jasmine thought, what if she could create pram liners with fun, colourful prints that were so comfortable and baby-proof, that even the fussiest babies and toddlers would love them? From this inspiration, Bambella pram liners were born.

Bambella pram liners fit ALL 5 point harnesses prams or strollers on the market. The hourglass design fits securely with openings for the pram's 5-point safety harnesses. It even provides a winged head side cushion for their little noggins if they toss around or fall asleep while you are out... which is always a plus.

Are you ready for the best part?  Besides being adorable and amazingly comfy for your baby, they are super easy to clean. Made of 100% cotton, they're so durable they can stand up to the toughest toddler. They're also machine washable for when your little angel has a toilet training accident or decides to smash their ice cream cone into their seat. No worries mum! The liner has an absorbent layer of PUL wadding sewn inside that is made from the same material found in modern cloth nappy fabrics. This feature adds extra protection and absorption until you get home. Thankfully, the baby cleans up easy too!

Of course, your baby's comfort is of the utmost importance. That's why our pram liners are made to the highest standard using a 300-gram density inlay for additional comfort.

One of the highlights of having a baby is getting them outdoors and enjoying every little milestone. You will both enjoy the ride with ease and peace of mind when you roll out with Bambella.

You can check out our pram liners on our website - here.

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