Organisation tips to beat the morning chaos

Author: Jasmine Vanstone   Date Posted:5 August 2017 

If your mornings are anything like ours, getting out of bed some days is a task in itself, so getting out the door with children is often akin to climbing Everest…Am I right? 

So in the quest to reach the peak of morning summits with energy and oxygen to spare, here are some tips to make getting out the door as easy as a walk in the park.

Lunchbox plan

Seriously, this is a lunchtime life saver!  On the weekend, fill out what you plan to put in your kids’ lunches for the following week.  Write it down and post it on your fridge or pantry door.  This can also serve as a shopping list and keeps you on track when preparing lunches each day.

Night time is the right time for making…lunches

Gone are the days where we get home and unwind, drink wine and sleep until the sun comes up.  After baths, dinner and story time, evening prep is the best way to make mornings easier.

Make you and your kids lunches the night before.  This ensures you 1) have everything you need for said lunches 2) can “grab and go” during those late starting mornings, and you still know your kids will be fed.

Lay it out

Another night time routine is laying out morning outfits.  Whether it’s school uniforms or daycare clothes, set out everything from undies to hair ties and put them in a separate box/bin/space for each child.  This ensures it is a one-stop step in the morning, eliminating the “Mum, where is my (fill in the blank)…”.

Write it down

You know that brilliant mental checklist we all write in our heads a dozen times during the day?  Me either.  So make it a point to write it down at the end of the day, the look at it again in the morning to remind yourself of these important tasks and titbits.  

No electronics at breakfast

A great way to start the day, as well as establish a good morning routine, is to ensure your breakfast table is a no-go area for phones and tablets.  This keeps everyone focused on eating their wholesome foods, allows for focused conversation, and allows a positive connection for all of you.  

Launch pad

This is a designated, pre leaving-the-house place where all the final items needed to leave in the morning a placed.  This can include your purse, your phone, keys, hats, jumpers and sunscreen.  Once you are all assembled here, no one leaves until it is clear of all items for the day. 

Laugh and let it go

Remember to keep smiling even when you are running late, which is easier when you have put these plans in place.  Running around like a headless chook or stressed out crazy woman doesn’t help anyone have a productive morning.  Late happens, and the world keeps spinning.

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