What we’d (really) love for Mother’s Day

Author: Jasmine Vanstone   Date Posted:12 May 2017 

While there is nothing like being greeted with big cheeky smiles, a half burnt breakfast and a beautiful array of artwork on Mother’s Day there are a few things I secretly really want…

1. An uninterrupted night’s sleep (and a sleep-in)!

It seems like a fairy tale doesn’t it! Could you imagine having the bed all to yourself free from snoring partners and children assuming the starfish position? Or not having to get up for feeds, cries and toilet trips? I would love to put my order in for a full night of uninterrupted sleep and a 9am sleep-in, please?

2. A Mother’s Week 

It’s great to have a day off, but what about a week? One week free of grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, folding and racing here there and everywhere. One week to get our stuff done. Could you imagine how refreshed we would be? 

3. A day to call my own

While this isn’t always practical, one thing we do tend to miss as mums is going out and doing things for ourselves. What a great present it would be to have a day to spend it the way we wanted. To have the chance to read, see a play, get our nails done, have coffee with friends, go to the beach, or even see a movie that isn’t animated.

4. A clean car

I don’t know about you, but it feels like I live in the car most days! And let’s face it after a couple of weeks of the kindy and school runs, extracurricular activities, shopping trips and birthday parties the car can look a little worse for wear (as can we!). A nice clean car would give us a sense that at least one part of our environment is in order.

5. An all day massage

Forget this hour stuff, if we are on a 24-hour call we need a relative time out! An all-day massage that also covers my face, hands, and scalp would help relieve some of that tension I'm holding.

6. A trip to the hairdressers

Life can get so busy sometimes that even a simple trip to the hairdresser can seem out of reach! And there is nothing like a new cut, colour and style to make you feel revitalised. A few hours at the salon without the time pressure of having to pick up kids or think about dinner would be lovely!

So tell us…what is on your secret Mother’s Day wish list?

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