Newborn Baby Capsule Insert Liner

Not only will a baby capsule liner help keep your little one’s seat clean while they are riding in the car, but it can also help regulate heating and cooling to ensure optimal comfort whether baby is sleeping, playing, or gazing out the window. And, of course, a capsule liner also provide a little extra cushion that will help ease your little one to sleep as you head down the road. A good capsule insert is easy to put in and remove, can be washed in a machine, and is portable enough to throw in a suitcase when going on vacation – these are all qualities you can count on your Bambella Designs capsule liner to feature.


All the newborn capsule inserts we carry are made of 100-percent breathable cotton fabric. Cotton is soft on baby’s skin yet tough enough to hold up to vigorous movement without ripping or tearing. We offer a wide range of colours and designs to choose from. It should be easy to accessorise any style of car capsule that your little one travels in. We can provide you with strap and harness covers to match your chosen baby capsule liner design. All you have to do is request them.


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