Changing Table Cover

A changing table cover is a must-have accessory in every baby’s nursery. Adding a new baby changing pad cover to your nursery will provide your little one with extra comfort while adding a little extra depth and flair to the room’s overall design. Thanks to their versatility, baby change table covers can be used for more than just changing diapers. Get your little one dressed on your table cover every morning and sponge bath them when you are short on time. When a playmate visits, you can put it on the floor to create an extra bed for napping.


All our handmade changing table covers are designed with quality materials, which ensures they’ll hold up well to wear and tear as time goes on. They can be machine-washed, so keeping your baby’s changing station clean is always easy to do. Whether you are replacing an old worn changing table cover, you’re looking to put the finishing touches on your infant’s brand-new nursery, or you want to surprise a friend who’s a new parent, you’ll find a variety of impressive designs to choose from here at Bambella Designs that are sure to meet your needs and expectations.