Best Waterproof Changing Table Pad Cover

A changing table cover is a must-have accessory in every baby’s nursery. Adding a new baby changing pad cover to your nursery will provide your little one with extra comfort while adding a little extra depth and flair to the room’s overall design. Thanks to their versatility, baby change table covers can be used for more than just changing diapers. Get your little one dressed on your table cover every morning and sponge bath them when you are short on time. When a playmate visits, you can put it on the floor to create an extra bed for napping.

All our handmade changing table covers are designed with quality materials, which ensures they’ll hold up well to wear and tear as time goes on. They can be machine-washed, so keeping your baby’s changing station clean is always easy to do. Whether you are replacing an old worn changing table cover, you’re looking to put the finishing touches on your infant’s brand-new nursery, or you want to surprise a friend who’s a new parent, you’ll find a variety of impressive designs to choose from here at Bambella Designs that are sure to meet your needs and expectations. + Read More

Buy a Quality Changing Pad Cover

At Bambella Designs, we only deal in the finest quality products that make it a little bit easier to care for your little one.  Our range of baby products is perfect for keeping your baby items nice and clean while allowing you to give your little one the time and care he or she needs.

We sell the best changing pad cover you will find here in Australia.  These changing pad covers are made of quality materials with the following major characteristics;

Waterproof - Our changing pad covers are completely waterproof and will keep your changing table from getting damaged by moisture and oils.

Absorbent layer - The outer layer of these covers are made of 100% cotton that will absorb moisture from your baby.

Fits all standard sizes - These mats universally fit just about any standard changing mat table.

Easy to clean - You can remove the cover with ease, pop it into the washing machine and hang it to dry so your little one can enjoy a clean table at all times or prevent the spread of germs.

Hand made products - All of our baby products are handmade with great care.

Multiple uses - These covers can also be used as a bassinet mattress protector or liner. 

Soft to the touch - The fabrics we use might be waterproof but is still very soft to the touch and gentle on your baby’s delicate skin.

Durable - Throughout infancy you will wash these covers lots of time, and we wanted to ensure that your baby table looks brilliant even with lots of wear and tear.  That is exactly why we selected highly durable fabrics that can certainly stand all of the washing and cleaning that is required inside the nursery.

A Wide Range of Colours to Choose From

We know how important it is for you to maintain a beautiful looking nursery.  The nursery is the area where you will take plenty of beautiful baby pictures, and you just feel a lot more pride when your nursery looks great. 

Our changing pad covers are available in a wide range of beautiful colours and prints. You can shop various prints in grey, pink, black or white and find something that matches your décor perfectly.  The beautiful colours go well with most baby room themes and little ones sure do love to explore the cute prints such as feathers, unicorns, arrows and hugs and kisses on these fabrics. Our unique fabrics are also printed onto other baby accessories such as our baby changing pad, pram liners, blankets and baby play mats so that you can have a unified design and look in your baby room. Most of our items are also machine washable so that you can wash all your linen together. Saving time and effort, which is what makes it the best waterproof changing pad cover in Australia.

Buy Your Changing Pad Cover Online

At Bambella Designs we make it much easier for moms to care for their little ones.  This is because these products make it simpler to clean up when you are washing, changing or caring for your tiny baby.  We also make it much easier for moms to buy these products because you can shop our baby mats online.  We ship across the country and can get your baby products delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia.  

If you want to find out more about our superb baby products, then we welcome you to contact our offices directly. 

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