The Best Fitted Baby Crib Waterproof Mattress Protector

Babies and tiny toddlers are just too cute and can look so innocent and sweet while they are sleeping.  You will find yourself staring at your little one lot of time and for many hours as they sleep because they look so virtuous and peaceful.

But these little angels can also be terribly messy.  They don’t have much control over their bladders yet and cannot communicate to mom about their bathroom needs.  Those tiny humans also have no idea what germs and bacteria are and they sure do love to play with any liquids, spills, and messes they can get their hands on. + Read More

Buy a Beautiful Crib Mattress Protector

One of the biggest challenges you will face as a mom is to keep your little one’s crib clean and dry.  Bed wetting accidents happen a lot while you are potty training but are also pretty common even if your little one is still in diapers because even the best of diapers can leak when they become too full if your little one is enjoying a long nap.  Your little one will also cause plenty of messes with foods and drinks as he or she plays, explores and learns.

A crib mattress protector is an absolute must for your little one's bed.  These fitted crib mattress protectors make it much easier for you to clean your little one’s bed and will keep your crib mattress stain and odour free.

At Bambella Designs we sell the most beautiful baby crib mattress protectors that are perfect for keeping your little one content and for keeping his or her bed nice and dry.

Bambella Designs crib mattress protectors give you plenty of benefits

Bambella Designs was established when Jasmine Vanstone helped a special needs child that wouldn’t get into her dull and plain pram.  She developed a pram cover that both child and mommy loved and that keeps the pram nice and clean.  In doing so, she solved these pram quarrels for both mom and child for good. 

Our mattress protectors are created with this same goal in mind; to help parents and children enjoy a clean bed that looks beautiful and feels great.  When you buy our protectors you will enjoy the following great benefits;

Beautiful designs - Our cot protectors are available in a great variety of sizes and prints that are beautiful.  Your little one will love to curl up onto these beautiful prints and colours during nap time.

100% waterproof - These mattress protectors truly do their job and will protect your mattresses from any dust, stains, and moisture. 

Hygienic - Our mattress protectors are machine washable and prevent the build of bacteria, dust mites and mould inside the crib.  This results in a much cleaner and healthier sleep environment for your baby. 

Soft fabric - The 100% cotton front fabric is breathable and soft to the touch so your baby can sleep comfortably and safely inside the crib.

Buy your crib mattress protector online

You can buy these fine quality mattress protectors directly from our website.  We have a wide range of sizes starting from baby nests for your newborn right to when they've grown into their cot. and beautiful prints to choose from, and we can get your baby’s new mattress protector delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia. 

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