Double Trolley Cover

Take the stress out of shopping with your baby with a double trolley liner from Bambella Designs.

Babies love riding in the trolley when you’re out shopping with them. But for mums and dads, this can be a worry. Trolleys are notorious for harbouring germs. With a baby, you can never be too careful. It’s essential to give them maximum protection against sickness, especially when they’re very young.

A safe, hygienic solution
Bambella Designs is all about providing your baby with the ultimate safety and comfort, as well as giving you peace of mind. That’s why we’ve created our special double trolley cover – a double-layered liner that covers the trolley seat.

Fitting snugly between your baby and the trolley, our double trolley covers make the shopping experience more comfortable for your baby, at the same time as protecting them from the potentially harmful germs that linger on shopping trolleys.

Easy to fit and easy to wash, our trolley liners are made from 100 percent breathable cotton. This will ensure they’re as comfortable and hygienic as possible for your baby.

Choose from a variety of colourful and stylish designs that coordinate perfectly with other Bambella Designs products. For the trendiest baby in town of course!

Life with your new baby should be fun. Now you can take the stress out of shopping and enjoy watching them discover and learn while knowing their health is being taken care of by you and Bambella Designs.

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