Dummy Clips Australia

If you’re like most parents of infants, you have lost your fair share of dummies while out and about with your little one. The days of losing your baby’s favourite dummy can be over by making sure there are always a couple of dummy clips nearby and easily accessible. Dummy clips in Australia serve two purposes – they’ll keep your baby’s dummies safe from loss and damage, and they’ll act as décor that will complement any cute outfit you want to dress your little angel in.


Pass on the plastic clips and choose options made with natural materials that won’t expose your baby to toxins or synthetic chemicals. Here at Bambella Designs, we feature gorgeous wooden dummy clips that Australia's parents can be proud to use on a regular basis. All of our dummy clips are toxin-free, colourfast, saliva and sweat resistant, and won’t rust no matter how often they’re used. They’re nickel-free too, so there isn’t a need to worry about allergies.


Order your dummy clip today and forget about having to replace any lost dummies from here on out.