The Best Infant Play Mat

Everyone loves play time – even as we get older, the chance to have fun and let down our hair is something we always jump at! Playtime for newborns and small infants, however, is even more crucial. Not only is it mum and dad’s chance to bond with and make baby smile, but it is also a key activity to help aid their learning and development. + Read More

Play Mats Are The Perfect Place For Infants To Learn & Play

Playtime encourages baby to take in their surroundings, practice focus and concentration and develop their motor skills. That’s why near the top of every parent’s essential baby product list should be an infant play mat. It may not seem like the most significant purchase, but it really is such an important buy.

Infant play mats create a safe and portable designated play space for your little one. Wherever you go, be it to a family’s house, the park, or even just into the kitchen, utility or living area while you tackle the laundry or some other chores, you can instantly create a soft, comfortable area for your little one to play and practice their rolls and tumbles by laying down your play mat in any area.

Bambella Designs Infant Play Mats

Here at Bambella Designs, we have cracked the code and created a collection of infant play mats which tick every box in terms of style, practicality, durability and functionality. We have earned high praise for our play mats and are now considered one of the best infant play mat brands across Australia – a reputation that we are extraordinarily proud of.

Our 100% cotton, soft, padded play mats are available in a stylish selection of colours and patterns, with both gender neutral and gender-specific options to choose from. Designed to ensure maximum safety, each large infant play mat is 1m x 1m in size and features a 350g layer of extra wadding to provide a large, comfortable, secure place for baby to play.

We recognise that busy parents require versatility from their toddler play mats and so provide a convenient carry bag with every play mats to enable you to create n instant play space for baby wherever you go. Its durable, machine washable material means your Bambella play mat will last for years and years of continuous use while its elegant design means you can use it as a pretty mat anywhere in the home once baby outgrows its use.

Buy Baby Accessories Online with Bambella Designs

Thanks to Bambella Designs, parents across Australia have easy access to an extensive collection of high-quality infant play mats & baby accessories. From pram liners to baby blankets, baby gifts to car seat accessories, cot sheets to trolley liners and much more, Bambella Designs are continuously growing our collection of products to help support the needs of baby and parents during their first years of life.

Enjoy fast, flexible delivery options and affordable pricing, with shipping direct to your door, anywhere in Australia. Buying the best baby accessories online has never been easier!

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Play Mat - Arrow Grey


Play Mat - Cross Black


Play Mat - Navy Constellation


Play Mat - Pink Dreamcatchers


Play Mat - Grey Dreamcatchers


Play Mat - Bear


Play Mat - Grey Feathers


Play Mat - XO Black