Universal Baby Pram Accessories

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All of our products and designs are Australian made, beautifully designed and of the highest quality. At Bambella Designs, you can browse through our huge selection of baby pram accessories and toys from Australia’s premier pram accessory providers. You can easily quicken the process up by searching and sorting according to category, price range or simply browse our whole range to find what is that suits your baby’s needs.

A Wide Range of Australian Pram Accessories

Bambella Designs was started when Jasmine Vanstone helped a special needs child; he wasn’t taking to his pram and refused to sit in it. So Jasmine decided to create a pram liner from a pattern that she knew the child liked and from then on he couldn’t wait to get into his pram.

This experience shaped the way that we have created and chosen our products and designs from the very beginning, and we ensure our accessories are quirky, contemporary and a huge hit with the little ones and parents alike.

All of our products come beautifully packaged by our passionate in-house team of experts, and as such, pram accessories make awesome presents for friends and family with babies, as well as for your own home.

Our Best Pram Accessories

Our quality guaranteed universal pram accessories include:

  • Pram liners: Our pram liners are designed to be simple to use and practical for everyday activities. All of our liners are created by a professional team of wonderful seamstress’s that use the highest quality 300-gram density lay that goes the extra mile in providing the ultimate comfort for your baby. Our liners are built to fit all prams on the market and they are beautifully crafted to ensure that they are safe, comfortable and secure.
  • Harness covers: One of the biggest problems with comfort in a stroller or pram is the harness digging into your little one. This can all be solved with your cushioned, silky soft harnesses that stop the harness bumping or rubbing. All of our harnesses are available in a range of designs and colours and can be coordinated with our other nursery and baby pram accessories.
  • Bar covers: Pram bars can be uncomfortable to push for long periods, but the dirt and germs that develops on them is more of a concern when you are picking your baby up and putting them down all the time. Our cushioned bar covers help to protect your bar from wear and tear but also keeps them safe from germs and dirt.
  • Baby blankets: Our blankets are all made using soft, natural cotton, and the high-quality creation means that the colour won’t fade and you can enjoy the blanket for years (or even generations) to come.
  • Pram protectors: Our fashionable bassinet mattress protectors are both waterproof and super comfortable, making them an excellent option for indoor and outdoor use.

Take a look through our online store if you’d like to know more about our wonderful pram accessories in Australia, or simply get in touch with us and we’d be more than happy to help you. We are always striving to bring unique, high-quality products onto the market for parents like you!

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