Pram Handle Bar Cover

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your pram handle bar clean and safe, try a pram handle bar cover from Bambella Designs.

This innovative product, designed right here in Australia, is simple to use but can make all the difference to your pram. Made of soft fabric, it easily folds around your pram handle bar and is held in place with Velcro. It won’t scratch or damage the handle bar but it will keep it in better condition!

Safe for baby, comfortable for you
Pram handle bars can be uncomfortable if you have to push them for a long term. They can also harbour dirt and germs. Our pram bar covers solve these problems simply and effectively. They’re soft and comfortable to grip and your hands won’t slip on the bar. This can make all the difference to your comfort and your baby’s safety.

Babies also like to chew on the pram handle bar. A pram handle bar cover will discourage them from doing this, making the pram safer for little mouths and new teeth.

Change your pram to suit your taste
The other great advantage of our pram bar covers is that they can give your pram a whole new look to suit you and your baby. Choose from a wide variety of designs and colours ranging from soft pastels through to black and white or even gold.

Our pram bar covers fit all prams. They make being out with your baby a lot more enjoyable and fun!