Baby Shopping Cart & Trolley Cover

Welcome to Bambella Designs; the best retailer of stylish, practical accessories for your baby! Let’s talk about something we know all moms have experienced time and time again. You get to the grocery store with your child, you go to put them in the seat, and you can’t help but think about how many germs there must be on that shopping cart. Sound familiar?

That’s why we designed an amazing shopping cart seat cover that you, and your baby will absolutely love! When you’re out shopping with your little one in tow, you will love having one of these handy.

Our baby shopping cart covers are designed to be soft, durable and breathable as well as having thick, padded material for maximum comfort! + Read More

What are the Benefits of a Trolley Cover when Shopping with a Baby?

Besides being uncomfortable, and looking gross - studies have proven that grocery carts are actually...gross! Trolleys are infamous for being breeding grounds for bacteria. In fact, research has shown shopping trolleys to not only have traces of faecal matter, urine, blood and saliva, but also hepatitis B and even e-coli.

Our trolley liners are designed to protect your little one, as well as offer style and comfort, and don’t think for a second we forgot about safety as we’ve got that covered too!

Our shopping trolley baby seat covers have holes for the safety belt to keep your baby snug and secure, and our leg holes are padded enough, so that little legs don’t end up getting pinched against the metal or seat. In general, our liners have a universal fit; they also offer a high back and extended fabric sides for a little bit of extra comfort. 

What Makes Bambella the Best Choice for Baby Shopping Cart Covers?

We know that there are thousands of different brands and products on the market, but we also know that ours are the best. Our company was founded by a mom, for moms and our mission statement has and always will be to provide parents with functional, stylish products that make life a little bit easier, and to provide kids with something fun that they’re going to love!

The ability to add some individuality and colour to something as important as a trolley cover shouldn’t be too much to ask, but there simply is not a lot of options for customised, fun patterns in the baby accessory world. And there are certainly no options that consider safety and quality to the same degree as style and function.

All of our products are handmade, machine washable and are made to be durable! Many of our products like our bassinet mattress protectors and infant play mats are machine washable so you can easily wash all your linen together.

The Best Shopping Cart Cover for your Baby, available now!

All you have to do is add the products you want into your cart and checkout! We know that you’re going to enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them. All of our orders are processed in 2-3 business days and (depending on where you’re located in Australia) your new baby shopping trolley cover should arrive in less than two weeks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message through our contact page, or get in touch via 0430 202 222 or email us at

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