Buy Waterproof Cot Mattress Protector

If you just bought a new crib mattress for your baby and have yet to buy a cot mattress protector, then you have noticed that it tends to get a little grubby. You’re going to want to invest in a mattress protector as soon as possible to protect both your baby and the mattress.

At Bambella Designs, we have a range of gorgeous waterproof cot mattress protectors for your baby that come in a stunning variety of colours, designs and quirky covers that you and your baby will love. We always ensure that our products are beautifully crafted, handmade and safe with a contemporary flair that will bring your nursery together.

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Why Buy A Cot Mattress Protector From Bambella Designs?

As all parents know, mattresses don’t come cheap and they certainly have to go through a lot in their lifespans, which can be relatively short if they aren’t cared for correctly. Our mattress protectors are of the highest quality and designed for ultimate comfort.

Here’s why you should buy a waterproof cot bed mattress protector from us;

Protection for your mattress

Liquids are kryptonite for any mattress and babies tend to produce a lot of liquids, of which not many are pleasant. Liquids seep into mattresses easily and this leads to the growth of mildew and mould, which could definitely impact the health of your baby and reduce the lifespan of your mattress.

All of our baby cot mattress protectors are waterproof and this adds an extra layer of protection to your mattress that stops the liquid from getting in and creating all sorts of problems.

It takes less time to clean

Being a parent means that there isn’t much time on your own; it can feel like you are constantly cleaning, wiping, feeding and carrying. While having a baby mattress protector is by no means going to stop your little one from their accidents, however, they certainly make it easier to deal with the moments when they do happen. Our waterproof cot bed mattress protectors are all fitted and as such can simply be slipped off the mattress, wiped, and them popped into the washing machine - the whole process should take just a matter of minutes when compared to the hassle of getting stains out of your spongey mattress.

Reduces Allergens and Bugs

Mattresses are notorious for harbouring all sorts of nasties such as mites, dust and other things that could irritate your baby and make them sensitive to allergies from pollen or dust later on in life. Our cot mattress pads stop these irritants from getting into the mattress and help to protect your little one’s immune system.

At Bambella Designs, our number one priority is always your baby’s safety and comfort; we are completely confident in the extraordinary quality of our range. Please feel free to browse or get in touch with us to find the best waterproof mattress protector for your baby.

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